Don’t Take My Word For It – Starting Small

So since I started this space to yell about things I figure I ought to do some reviews. The problem is that I’m currently unemployed. For those of you new to that concept that means no new monies. No new monies mean no new records and no going to shows. I’m not yet big enough to go knocking on the label’s doors asking for handouts so what’s a guy to do?

Musical welfare.

Looking at the albums I’ve acquired over the past couple of months there’s one thing that stands out. Most of them were free. I kid you not. 13 of the 19 newest records on my computer were/are being given away. It’s an excellent way for new artists to get their music out there. As my first article showed, you don’t make a whole lot on individual sales (but you’d make a lot more if people would stop stealing it). So why not give it to people free? If they like it you’ll have a new fan and they’ll be ingratiated to you and hopefully buy your future work. After all, you have to start small. That’s what I’m doing. It doesn’t get much smaller than a 7″ single.

Maylee Todd – Hieroglyphics

Maylee Todd has been circling the music scene for a while now, making appearances as a member of Woodhands, Henri Fabergé and The Adorables, and The Bicycles. In June of 2010 she released her first solo album, Choose Your Own Adventure, followed a year later by Do Right! Serato Pressing (both on Do Right Music).

Now she’s back for a third round. Her latest release, a 7″ single on the aforementioned label, is titled Hieroglyphics. I may be starting small on a single but my oh my is this track big. Maylee has taken on the 70s and 80s in this 4:55-long gem. In doing so she has done more credit to those decades than they have ever done for themselves.

Listening to the opening licks you may think you’ve accidentally spun up some Barry White (slightly concerning since I don’t own any Barry White). That’s not an unfair comparison for Todd. She may not have the deep, resonating bass but her vocals definitely drive this tribute to the disco-funk sounds that filled the clubs 30 years ago. Hieroglyphics tells the tale of two ancient Egyptian lovers who were forbidden from seeing each other by the Pharaoh. Through the narrative, the woman writes a hieroglyphic love letter, telling her lover to meet her in her dreams or in the afterlife. It is a sad tale but told triumphantly with a blend of guitar and synth.

I challenge you to download the track (here. It’s free, remember?) and not dance in your seat while you listen to it. If you like it then consider buying the record  (‘Buy’ as in ‘this one’s not free.’ Sorry.) It’s available on vinyl and digital download here.

Oh. And that lyric in the chorus you’re wondering about? ‘Everybody needs a mouth to mouth.’ As in the breath of life.


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  1. ubermiguel says:

    I’m loving this track too. It’s stunning how she stole that particular RnB sound but made it her own. Cheers!

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