Community Across the Ocean

When it comes to independent music, everyone needs a jumping off point, a reason to break out from the mass-media offerings and explore the vast depths of new and invigoration (sometimes terrifying) music available. Some of you have a friend or relation, some stumble upon it accidentally, some just get fed up and set out across the musical seas like Columbus, seeking out a new land in which to settle. (Okay, I know Columbus wasn’t seeking a new land but a passage to India. Let me have my analogy.)

After a short trip across the waters you will find yourself in a brand new world full of massive self-made communities solely dedicated to the great music that residents of the Old World had never dreamed could exist. Integrating yourself into a community, you’ll find not just a shared love of music but a desire to share it, to show others the passage across the ocean. That has been the mandate of one such community for over a decade now and, with their latest evolution, they may have finally built a bridge.

CBC Radio3, founded way back in the year 2000, is made up of a small but dedicated group of individuals devoted to building that bridge and sharing the plethora of independent Canadian music with as many people as possible. They can rightfully take some credit for developing the fan-base of groups such as Metric, Arcade Fire and Arkells. It would seem an impossibility that there might be a more enthusiastic group than this… but you should meet their fans.

Should you pay a visit to the blog of the current show you will have stumbled upon one of the friendliest, most open communities on the internet. Stay for a few days and you’ll have friends from coast to coast and around the world. Bloggers are drawn by discussions about music but stay for the camaraderie. It was from this community that the CBC mothership drew the inspiration for their latest project.

Who wouldn’t want to have a place they could go to openly discuss the music that drives them? That is what CBC Music provides. That and a repository of everything relating to music from George Strombolopolous’ show to Q to Radio2 streams from across the country. In addition to this, there are now 40 brand new genrespecific streams, each with their own communities for you to join and interact with (only available in Canada for now). Need a pick-me-up? Throw on some rock. Want to relax after a long day? They have all the classical you could want. Whatever your tastes, there’s something there for you.

Best of all, the inspiration for it all is up there with them all. With the jump to this new hosting space alongside all the other better-known musical sources, one could make a strong argument that Radio3 has finally completed their trans-oceanic bridge. They’ve made landfall in the Old World and are inviting everyone across to see what they can find.

In the spirit of sharing new music, Top of Our Lungs is inviting you to share your story with us. Send us an email ( Tell us your tales of community. Share with us how you came to find independent music. Who was or is your guide to the lands of independent music? Who would you like to bring over? Your efforts won’t go to waste, either. In the spirit of sharing, the best story will win a copy of Arkells’ break-out album Michigan Left on digital download. As well, we’ll publish your story in a future post on the blog. You could be internet famous!

So what have you got? We can’t wait to hear from you.

Entries must be received by March 30th, 2011 at 11:59PM.


6 Comments Add yours

  1. I’m a Canadian doing a term abroad in the UK and I love coming across posts like this, it reminds me of home (and keeps me proud of it).

    1. Thank you very much! I hope the title wasn’t too misleading for you. :p

      1. Not at all 🙂 The title (and, of course, the quote) is what drew me in.

  2. Brennan McCracken says:

    Fantastic blog! I just heard your very, very lovely comment read aloud on Radio 3

    I actually used Radio 3 to expand my musical tastes as well. In the autumn, I found I was listening to waaaay much indie rock. (The music wan’t bad, but it became quite repetitive) I started listening to Radio 3 almost every day, and lo and behold, I have a very diverse collection of music now. 🙂 I didn’t comment very much (the 100+ comments were intimidating to me) but I think I may start now. Thanks for writing such an awesome comment over there, and thanks for having a cool blog! I hope to see you around! 🙂


  3. Derrick says:

    Great plug to a great community. I’ve listened to R3 sporadically over the last 6ish years and love it. That whole time I’ve been sure to listen to every podcast Grant Lawrence does (i.e. the *CBC Radio 3 Podcast*, it’s what drew me in) & some of the other podcasts as well. Lately I’ve been streaming R3 like there’s no tomorrow, & started contributing to the blog here and there. Saw you there today UnknownTrombone! The music is great, the interaction of the community is fun, funny, and informative.

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