Impromptu Post

Lana Gay asked to tell the Radio3 blog some of the acts you’re keeping an ear to the ground for. I have quite a few so I wrote at length about it. I then realised that sharing things like that is the main reason I started this blog. So here it is, copied-and-pasted for your enjoyment.

Bands on my radar

Loon Choir



Their violinist, Kathleen, put me up and showed me an amazing time when I visited Ottawa earlier this year. I even got to crash their band practice on the first night. They’ve been making quite a stir on the Radio3 blog of late and just wrapped up a short tour of Ontario. Unfortunately, even though they played twice within 45 minutes of my house, I didn’t get to any of their shows. Get your butts back down here again soon, yous guys!

The Hamptons


We saw them perform just before Jenn Grant at Homemade Jam. Both Loweeda and I were ambivalent about them after reading their bio in the program but their performance put an end to those thoughts.



These guys and gal were a surprise performance before Cuff the Duke and Hooded Fang last fall. I was blown away. Plus, turns out Tim, the guitarist/lead singer, actually recognised ME. He sold me coffee on a regular basis.



They were the closing act at the 4th Annual Hamilton Music and Film Festival last year. Reunion, which I requested earlier, got some airtime on R3 whent their LP released but they haven’t had much attention since then.

Lovely Killbots


Another HMFF4 performer. They walked away with the 2nd place prize (The Love Machine,, took first) on the music side. And they did it completely hung over, too. They had been up all the previous night celebrating the drummer’s birthday.

Bella Clava


They also took home a prize from HMFF4. I almost forgot them because I didn’t pick up any of their records. They were horribly over-charging… Something like $15 for a 3- or 4-song EP? Still, like The Hamptons, their bio left me fully disinterested but their performance had me hooked.

Matthew Joel


I think he followed me on Twitter? I honestly don’t know where I heard about him but he was giving away The Rocky Mountains at the time so I gave him a DL. Solid record.

Bank Heist


Another act I think I got followed by on Twitter. Their (his?) album, The Kingdom, is free for downloading on BandCamp. I was spinning it back-to-back when working on demolishing a porch. Yes, that was kind of random. Good, meaty electronic music, though.

The Medicine Hat (The ‘The’ is new)


Label-mates of Bruekke, I picked up their debut when Other Songs Music Co. was holding a holiday sale last year. I got it half-off but would gladly have paid full price. I haven’t seen them perform live, as of yet.

The show itself was all-request so there were also a number of excellent tracks and artists mentioned. So if you have the free time and feel so inclined, check out the rest of the discussions here. If you’re there before 4pm EDT today (July 9, 2012), join in with your own requests and suggestions. We’re always looking for more input.


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