UnderScore – Roughin’ It

We all know someone, maybe it’s you, who ‘loves all kinds of music except country’. If that’s you, Corb Lund may be just the person to change your mind. Ever since The Smalls hung up their picks for good, Corb has been working hard to make the kind of music country ought to be. It’s dirty. It’s about hard work. It’s about love, and not just for your truck (although he sings about trucks, too. The Truck Got Stuck is one of my personal favourites. Listen to it here.)

Lund’s music shows strong ties to the land and the people that make the Prairies what they are. He writes stories, both real and fictional, about the present and the past. His 7th and latest record, Cabin Fever, is set to release August 14th on New West Records.  Given the setting for its creation, written in an isolated cabin in Northern Alberta (hence the title), it could be his most rustic and raw yet. The first single, Gettin’ Down on the Mountain, certainly gives that feeling. Give it a listen.

If you liked that, hit this link to get email updates and a free download of the track. Also, in a flash of true Albertan innovation, you can give your phone Cabin Fever too! Click through this link to get free iPhone and Android wallpapers as well as a 20-second ringtone of Gettin’ Down on the Mountain*.

*Top of our Lungs is not responsible for any confusion that may result from mass downloads of this ringtone.


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