UnderScore – Green Van Sessions?

A short and sweet post for a short* and sweet singer-songwriter. It was just in the past year that I first heard the music of Crissi Cochrane. It was an exciting time for the CBC Radio 3 community, of which she is a part, when her song, I Won’t Try to Break Your Heart, debuted on CBC Radio 3. Her music is soft and sweet and I guarantee** you will go ‘Awww…’ when you hear it. I know I did and promptly purchased her record, Darling, Darling.

Yesterday, she had another début. This time it was a new video, a live, acoustic performance of Drive All Night recorded in the back of a green Westfalia VW van, appropriately enough.

Now wasn’t that beautiful? I think Crissi may be on to something with that van. A spin-off of the Green Couch Sessions, perhaps? Somebody should make that happen. I’ll drive.

*I do not know Crissi’s stature and make no claims to the accuracy of this adjective as it applies to her.
**Guarantee not valid in the space-time continuum.


This video was shot live-on-location during the making of the official music video for Drive All Night. The official vid has no set release date but should be out some time late next month. Thanks for the info, Gavin.


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