Double Double UnderScore – Summer Sounds

Summer afternoon—summer afternoon; to me those have always been the two most beautiful words in the English language. – Henry James

Back-to-school sales are in full swing. The CNE is entering its second weekend. Local teachers are in a bitter dispute over contract talks. Yep, summer is winding down in Ontario but it’s not over yet! If the climate keeps going the way it is, eventually it never will end… If/when that happens, you’re going to need some summery songs to keep you going. Hopefully they’ll have developed computers and mp3 players (or whatever replaces mp3s) that can run in super-heated conditions by then.

Mood Ruff – Rocket Ship

I first heard this track on an early CBC Radio 3 podcast when I was just exploring the realm of independent music and it has stuck with me ever since. The airy guitar and mellow beat just exudes everything ‘summer’. Good thing too considering the subject matter. Lay back in the sun and nod your head sideways.

Papermaps – Reunion

I keep coming back to this group. I guess you could call them one of my pet favourites. As I’ve mentioned before, they were the headlining act at last year’s Hamilton Music and Film Festival. The show unsurprisingly ran long and I was well and truly worn out by the time they took the stage. My foot was figuratively half out the door but when Papermaps started playing, I firmly planted myself and loved every minute. Their self-titled record spent the rest of the summer in my car and provided the soundtrack to several adventures and hi-jinx.

Bahamas – Already Yours

Really, any of Afie’s songs would make good summer sounds. Mellow and relaxing with a voice that washes over you like a warm breeze. This video from Southern Souls adds yet another layer of intimacy to his performance. It brings back memories of the Home County workshop I saw with him and Joel Plaskett. Imagine listening to his soulful licks while relaxing on the grass watching squirrels leaping through the trees… Ahhh, memories…

Maylee Todd – Summer Sounds

I don’t think this needs a summery summary at all. There’s a reason I used it for the title of this article!

So there’s a good foundation for your summer soundtrack. Summer doesn’t officially end for nearly a month and the warm weather looks like it could hold out longer than that. Go out and enjoy it!

But first, let me know what songs are required listening for your Labour Day long weekend. Perhaps something from one of the performers at Shelter Valley Folk Festival? (You are coming to that, aren’t you?)

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